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AUSTRALIAN MADE ALUMINIUM PLATE BOATS FOR SAFETY & PERFORMANCE. THE TOMAHAWK RANGE FEATURE PLATE BOAT CONSTRUCTION, DEEP SIDES AND WIDE BEAM, REVERSE CHINE HULL, A RAISED SHEER AND CHINE LINE, AND FULLY WELDED SIDES AND GUNWALES. THEY ARE BUILT TO HANDLE OFFSHORE BOATING AND DESIGNED WITH A SELF DRAINING DECK ON THE "OFFSHORE" MODELS. Quality of build and finish, each boat is handmade having minimum 4mm bottoms, longitudinal stringers and under floor sub frames welded to the hull.  These boats are designed to be used in the harshest conditions. The reverse chine hull and extra size translates to greater stability, comfort, performance and safety. Formosa provides a smooth steady dry run on calm days and while offering great handling, control and peace of mind in rougher conditions.