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Come see the 2018  Kawasaki Supercharged Range.

Kawasaki Jet Ski

Kawaski SX-R on Trailer

 2017 Kawasaki SX-R on Trailer.  RUNOUT SALE!  ONE ONLY! As the pioneer of personal watercraft and the creator of the original mass-produced stand-up model, Kawasaki is pleased to present the JET SKI SX-R, a long-awaited model sure to redefine the standard for stand-up power and handling. Powered by a 1,498 cm3 4-stroke In-Line Four, the SX-R has twice as much power as its 2-stroke predecessor, the JET SKI 800 SX-R, and a broad spread of power that delivers strong acceleration from any rpm.  Read More >>


PURE SPORT RIDING equipped with all new max 18-position handlebar and new sport seat. A potent direct drive roots-type air pump supercharger which constantly superchargers the intake mixture, pressurising the engine's inlet up to 16.8psi maximum boost presssure to deliver more power. A massive aluminium intercooler to reduce heat & ensure the air charge is kept at ambient temperature or even less. Read More >>

Kawasaki Ultra 310LX

THE FIRST JET SKI WITH JETSOUNDKawasaki Ultra 310LX the worlds first PWC audio system compatible with most phones and audio players.The potent direct-drive Roots-type air-pump supercharger constantly superchargers the intake mixture, pressurising the engin's inlettract up to 16.8 psi maximun boost for more power. A massive aluminium intercooler reduces heat & ensures the air charge is kept at ambient temperature. THE MOST AWE-INSPIRING ACCELERATION.  Read More >>


Kawasaki Ultra 310X  with massive boost from an Eaton Twin Vortices Supercharger, the big Kawasaki Ninja-inspired marine engine pumps 310 horsepower through a custome designed pump for incredible hook-up and acceleration. Not only is it high powered, but its also hiogh-tech. Riders can adjust hull attitude with the electronic trim system, an electronic throttle vale with electronic cruise control, fuel saving ECO mode, and all-digital instrument panel with high viiblity display. Read More >>